Labor & Employment

Employers hire Lynch, Cox, Gilman and Goodman because of our labor and employment attorneys’ established record as trusted advisors and effective advocates. Legal counsel is given to companies and employers in all aspects of labor and employment, including employment personnel actions, union relations, and discrimination complaints. We have had considerable experience in collective bargaining, negotiations, arbitrations, mediations, NLRB hearings, and state and federal litigation concerning employment matters. Firm members also possess special expertise in the area of tax-qualified employee benefit plans, compensation, and fringe benefit programs, including employee stock ownership plans.  Our attorneys have extensive experience counseling clients on labor matters, including negotiations for companies with labor unions. Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Gilman has attorneys focusing on assisting clients with employment-related issues, including defense of state and federal employment claims, EEOC complaints, state discrimination complaints and NLRB complaints. In addition, attorneys frequently help clients with preparing human resources policies and documents, such as employee handbooks and affirmative action plans. They also have experience negotiating both employment contracts and separation agreements.

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